………… and the Winner is?????

Just kidding  –  but  the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed >>>>>> Yup!!! It’s official!!! I am now a Finalist for the MADS Blogger Awards for the category of “Thrifty Blog!” So if you’d like to see this “Mad Old Mum” attend the Awards in her Party –Frock-made-from-a-Laura-Ashley-sheet …………… can I ask you to hop over […]

Cheese scones

Sunday – the day when I come over all “Domestic Goddess” and pull on a pinny to bake something yummy for snacks. What I have realised during our “Debt Free Journey” is that our food doesn’t need to be fancy (although I think by now you guys have kind of got the idea of just […]

A Frugal Indulgence

You know how I “sweep” all my savings from my food budget into a Store cupboard savings account?  With the whole focus being eating great quality food without spending loads of money. It means that when “specials” come into the shops – mince, chicken and  frozen goods I can stock up. When I need to […]