Petticoat Tails

It will soon be Hogmany here in Scotland – a bigger celebration for adults than Christmas up here. As a kid, what I remember about being allowed to sit up and “see in the Bells” at my Grandmas was this shortbread biscuit. During the evening when the adults would all go around one another’s houses […]

Trendy Oatcakes

Has anyone noticed that every now and again the foodies pick on a traditional staple and try to turn it trendy? At the local framers markets this weekend they were selling oatcakes – a staple that every Scottish wife would have made every day as a matter of course.  These were no ordinary oatcakes though […]

Crumbly Mince Pies

 HELLO!!! HELLO!!! We have internet again – Woop!!!! Took the toddler off to see a Christmas Show yesterday and everything was working fine – by the time we got home at tea-time, nada, nothing.  No internet and no phone either.  So we watched  a movie and chilled out instead. Today DS1 was in the mood […]

Clootie Dumpling

Today I have taken a break from all things Academic / Writing and Computery.  Instead I took myself off for a good long walk in the drizzle and came home to do some real traditional “Slow Cooking”. In fact I spent the afternoon being kept warm by the simmering water and spicy fragrance of a […]

A Sugary Treat

FROM THE 2011 ARCHIVES – JUST IN CASE YOU ARE IN THE MOOD FOR SOME SUNDAY MORNING BAKING.   Christmas in my childhood home always meant Mum cooking up a batch (or three) of this Scottish confectionery. Its kind of like toffee (except it’s not sticky and chewy) and kind of like fudge (but it’s not […]