So on my walk yesterday – around the park 5 times.  I had a good long hard think about what lessons my Debt Busting days could have for helping me rid myself of 50lbs of excess weight.

First lesson I learned from Debt Busting was that I had to have a very, very, VERY (did I stress VERY!!!!!) accurate knowledge of exactly how deep a hole I was in and own up to it honestly. A Lightbulb moment:

Well I partly achieved that yesterday when I have my “Weight Light-bulb Moment” the big day when I realised what a big mess I had created for myself.

So the bold blunt and honest Vital Stats are:


Weight 201 lbs

Bust 45″

Waist 38″

Hips 43″

Thigh 24″

Not a very pretty picture – not a successful Mum of two on the brink of an exciting new career.

But it is reality – and once my heart has stopped hammering I can begin to deal with the reality.  After all the unknown is so much scarier.

So now I have done freaking myself out – off for a walk I go.

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