So after accepting how big a hole I am in (50lbs) – what was the next thing I did on my journey towards getting debt free that I could apply to this weight loss goal?

Well the next thing I did was sit down and work out to the penny exactly how much income I had coming in every week – knowing that I was having a Debt Crisis because my expenditure was greater than my income.

So I guess the correlation is that I am taking in more calories than I am spending – with weight gain being the result.

So the first thing I did to “balance the scales” was to get rid of all my unnecessary expenditure – looking at everything that I could do without on my journey towards being Debt Free. Magazine subscriptions, mobile phone bills, cable TV contract – nothing was sacred.

So today I did the same and cleaned up my kitchen – I tucked everything that wasn’t going to support me on my weight loss goal away in a far store cupboard and made sure that the “basics” I would need were to hand.

All treats were tucked into boxes that the kids can access – but that are not staring me in the face every time I open the cupboard.  In the same way that I locked my Credit cards away so that I would not be tempted to spend on them.

Slowly I am gaining back a little conscious control.


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