Veggie “mince” base

Remember I am a Debt Busting Mum with two kids in tow – kids that love spaghetti bolognese, pasta bakes, shepherds pies, lasagne, chilli etc.

So I want to eat with them – but want to substitute the meat with something more friendly to my diet plan (without using the expensive quorn products too)

So what I want to create is a bean /lentil / grain mix that I can use as mince in my cooking.

I’m thinking that if I freeze the mix in my silicon muffin tin I will have individual portions that I can add tomatoes, herbs, kidney beans, chilli or potato topping to instead of the usual braised mince mixture.


So I have soaked and cooked

1/2 cup mung beans till soft

1/2 cup green lentils till soft

1/2 cup bulghar wheat

then cooked them all together with

1/2 cup red lentils  and enough water to soften them and make a “mince textured” mass.

Doesn’t look too appealing – but it is completely free on my Slimming plan and I figure that jazzed up with other flavourings its a low fat and cheap way to replace mince in our favourite recipes.

Would also be pretty good whizzed up and stirred into a vegetable soup to up the nutrition and fibre content.


I will have a play and report back.


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