Tattie soup

I have a teeny smidge of stew in the freezer – not enough to make a meal of – but enough to rustle up a plate or two of soup for lunch.

So Scottish Tattie Soup it is ( a tattie is Scottish for potato BTW).

My Granny used to make this for us when we visited.  You would get a bowl of Tattie soup in a flat soup bowl to start with a scrap of the beef mixed through and a couple of  oatcakes with a glass of milk.

The main course would be the rest of the beef, boiled potatoes and cabbage with a dab of mustard.

No need for afternoon snacks after lunch at my Granny’s

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Tomato Eggflower Soup

Today my Mum and Dad are over for Sunday Lunch – the kids have decided it has to be a “Chinese Lunch” complete with chopsticks and rice bowls ( and a huge helping of prawn crackers of course)

So today’s lunchtime soup has to have the appropriate Oriental vibe.

Has to be tomato egg-flower soup – really tasty and super-quick to assemble.

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Ham and Lentil Soup

It feels like it has been a long week – and it’s only the second week of term.

Its glum and gloomy today -lunch needs to be comfort food.  Ham and lentil soup is the perfect solution.

I tossed the makings of this into the slow cooker this morning and left it to do its thing.  By lunchtime we had a thick,hearty lentil soup and the house smelt all cosy and homely.

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Chicken and Veg Soup

What is it with toddlers and the bugs they catch at playgroup???

Still they are all snuffly with runny noses – so they are ALL still attending.

So lunch today – soup penicillin, something smooth and savoury and warming.

Just the thing when you have teeny tiny nostrils and can’t breathe. For extra vitamin content I stirred in some chopped parsley from the  garden after I heated it up.

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Souper Additons

So – the Soup experiment continues.

In addition to my chicken stock, ham stock, veg base, mashed potatoes.  I now have frozen discs of:

  • Tomato passata
  • Cooked Rice
  • White Beans
  • Kidney beans
  • Chickpeas

Even better I now have a plan of what to do with all those little bits and pieces of left over food that seem never to be worth saving as there is so little.  If there is half a cup – there can be a base for a soup.

It looks like I could be able to feed Freckles and I soup all month without looking any further than my freezer. It will almost feel like free food.

Now can I turn my fozen discs into a different lunch every day –



Bitter Chocolate and Peanut Biscotti

Inspired by a conversation from one of my friends – can we have a chocolate biscotti recipe?

To quote Bob the Builder “Yes We Can”

Now remember these are not “kiddy” chocolate biscuits – these are very definitely adult biscuits to be eaten with a strong coffee, hot chocolate or glass of Ameretto.  mmmmmmm!!!

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