Pack Some Patience & Get Prepped for the Interview

New Security Guidelines for Inbound US Travelers Start in Late October

by Suzanne Neufang

On Thursday October 26 air carriers will adopt enhanced screening procedures for flights going to the United States. They are doing so to comply with guidelines issued by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration in June.

Business travelers have proven to be an accommodating lot when it comes adjusting to new security realities. At the end of the day, they really don’t have many options but to prepare smarter and budget more time to get from curbside to the gate.

While the biggest issue is the carry on (or not?) of laptops (be sure to check with your carrier), we’re going to take a moment to consider the (potentially) more interesting part of these new processes…the interview.

When business travelers hear the word “interview,” they typically have a new job or promotion at stake. There’s a whole cottage industry out there, helping corporate climbers of every stripe master the interview. Highlighting strengths, minimizing weaknesses, showcasing collaborative and leadership skills, etc. The goal is always relatively the same: to humbly impress the interviewer.

Travel security interviews? This could be a whole new ballgame, with travelers having to gauge their interviewer quickly and answer questions adroitly. Best to leave your sense of humor in your pocket, be concise and accurate in your answers, and make your way to your increasingly smaller airline seat for the long ride.

That said, the human element promises to bring forth some interesting tales of engagement. People like to tell stories; it will be interesting to see the similarities and differences that airlines come up with as they interview US-bound passengers. Strategies will get developed, and airlines will struggle with the challenge of efficient passenger flow versus security requirements that doubtlessly will leave some travelers feeling inconvenienced.

We encourage all business travelers with a well-worn cliche: pack some patience as the “process” navigates yet another milepost.

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